Payment Solutions

Retail Payment Solutions

Today’s retail environment has expanded well beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar operation that was the norm for decades. Meridian continues to offer a  full suite of payment systems, products, and services that can help increase revenue, enhance your bottom line, and help you be competitive in the marketplace.


Solutions that grow as your business grows.  Get what you need for today and add what you need when it makes sense.


Solutions include:

  • Acceptance of major credit cards and signature debit cards
  • Comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) PIN debit card processing
  • Electronic benefits transfer (EBT)
  • Electronic check and ACH processing
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Mobile processing


POS terminals are the backbone of card-present credit card processing in the retail environment. TSYS offers a variety of fully-equipped, PCI-compliant terminals that make quick work of authorization, settlement and management of transactions.
Everything needed to process a credit card or signature debit card transaction can be found in a countertop POS terminal, including a card reader, phone or internet connection to the processor, and a receipt printer. With the addition of a keypad, you’re ready to process PIN debit cards and EBT cards.

Mobile and Wireless Options

As you diversify and expand your business, you may find that a mobile solution would add a tremendous amount of value to your customers and your bottom line. Whether you’re in a retail store or out on the go, you may find that a device that moves with you would best serve your business.
Mobile and wireless credit card machines free you up to accept credit card payments wherever you do business. For example, if you sell at sporting events, outdoor venues, kiosks, or food carts, mobile/wireless processing gives you access to new customers and potential new sales.

Online Options

You may have a retail storefront, online store, or both. With our gateway solutions, you can simplify your payment process securely and efficiently. Our gateway solutions can process swiped retail transactions of all major credit cards through a virtual terminal, or through a custom integration using web services.

E-Commerce Payment Solutions

You’re ready to soar into the world of e-commerce, but are you confused by all the ins and outs of how to receive payments?

To establish an e-commerce business, you need a website, internet merchant account, virtual shopping cart, and a payment gateway. You provide the website, and Meridian will provide the means to do the rest.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a remotely-hosted software application that transmits transaction data from either the payment page of your website or from a virtual terminal. This gives you the missing link to process transactions securely and efficiently. To discover more about our gateway solutions, you can jump to it here.

Complete Online Processing Center

Our gateway solutions offer you the ability to process transactions online, wherever and whenever you want to do business. Process in real time, 24 hours a day, from any internet-enabled device.

Mobile Payment Capabilities

In addition to supporting most virtual shopping carts and providing access to a virtual terminal, Meridian also provides mobile payment capabilities and direct card swipe via USB. This qualifies you for lower, card-present processing fees.

Other important features include:

  • Ability to generate receipts, issue refunds directly to a customer’s card, capture previously authorized transactions, and confirm transaction status
  • Batch processing
  • Multi-merchant/multi-user platform
  • Customizable reporting
  • Automatic and manual recurring payments
  • Email management

Shopping Carts

Our gateway solutions makes shopping cart integration easy.

Restaurant/Bar Payment Solutions

As a restaurant or bar owner you have specific needs that other industries just don’t realize. We’ve worked with countless restaurant owners and one thing that we’ve realized is that although many of the needs are the same, many of them are unique to your business style. We look forward to learning about how you would like your restaurant management and payment system to work and flow. Then, we can help you in implementing the right solution.


Key Features

Our restaurant/bar processing options include:

  • Traditional POS countertop terminals (phone line or IP connectivity)
  • Customizable POS Systems
  • Internet credit card processing with a payment gateway
  • Wireless credit card processing for pay-at-the-table convenience and security
  • Loyalty and Reward Programs


Discover more about our POS Solutions here.


Data Onion creates high-tech mobile smartphone apps for Quick Service Restaurants that are powered by data analytics. They use your menu and branding to develop a great experience for your customers. As customers use the app, you will see higher average orders, an increase in how often customers order, less phone time for your staff, and increased accuracy with your takeout and delivery orders through the app.

Automotive Businesses Payment Solutions

Working in the automotive industry, you know the ins and outs of your business. Whether you run a car dealership, auto repair service, paint and body shop, tire store, towing service, car wash, or aftermarket service, you deal with many unique opportunities and challenges every day.

At Meridian, we work hard to find viable solutions for dealing with:

  • A varied and demanding customer base
  • Large ticket totals
  • Collecting payment when services are rendered
  • Higher-than-average risk factors
  • Non-traditional points of service
  • Fleet card acceptance
  • Point-of-sale (POS) retail processing
  • PIN debit card processing to reduce processing fees
  • Internet processing
  • E-commerce processing
  • Mobile wireless processing
  • Processing software
  • Loyalty and rebate programs to reward your customers
Health and Public Services Payment Solutions

The Meridian team serves clients in the healthcare, government, and nonprofit fields by applying efficiency, seamless integration, and industry expertise to payment processing. We provides unique solutions for each sector, taking into account the varied processing requirements of each field.

Healthcare Payment Processing

In the healthcare field, Meridian works with general practitioners as well as specialty practices of all types, including dental and orthodontia, vision care, and veterinarians. We are well-versed in what it takes to run a practice, giving us the ability to anticipate your specialized needs.

Point-of-Sale Payment Systems

The needs of healthcare organizations are different from those of traditional retailers and other service providers, so Meridian offers customized online and point of-sale (POS) payment processing solutions for this sector.

Our gateway solutions allow healthcare providers to accept multiple payment types wherever and whenever the need arises, with one integrated system.

The benefits offered by our POS payment solutions include increased collections and cash flow, reduced receivables, improved office efficiency and functionality, reduced loss due to risk or chargebacks, less paperwork, and improved customer service.

Comprehensive Offerings

Healthcare providers can benefit from our comprehensive offerings, including:

  • Web services API for simple integration to existing systems, including access to automatic and manual recurring billing features
  • Ability to accept all types of major payment cards, including ACH and HSA/FSA
  • Check processing
  • Payment assurance, installment payments, and store-and-hold functionality
  • Fully PCI compliant

Government Payment Processing

Our government services program provides customized payment processing that integrates our service with products and technologies that government employees can use now and into the future. It’s all backed up by the efficiency, seamless integration, and industry expertise our clients have come to expect over the years.

Streamlined Processing

As in the private sector, government entities benefit from streamlined processing in many areas, including:

  • Public-sector interchange management
  • Convenience fee management
  • Special program registration management
  • Invoice-only billing
  • RFP and bid coordination

With government services solutions we offer online and POS solutions that are specifically tailored to government customers, including:

  • Utility processing
  • Court fee and fine collection
  • Tax collection
  • Transportation services
  • Licensing and permit fee collections
  • Special operating permits
  • Recreation class registration
Nonprofit Payment Solutions

Meridian Merchant Services partners with DonorLynk to provide a unique 3 in 1 platform to nonprofits, GiveSuite. GiveSuite provides nonprofits an in house tool to create custom online giving forms, event registration forms, and peer to peer fundraisers. This gives constituents the ability to make secure one-time or recurring donations and purchase tickets or sponsorships, via credit card or ACH, from your website.

GiveSuite Features:

  • Online Giving
  • Easy Branding and Customization
  • Two Click Giving
  • Next Day Funding
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Unlimited Forms and Fundraisers
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Social Media Integration
  • Event Registration
  • Event Email Reminders
  • Ticketing Functionality
  • Real Time Sync to Salesforce
Associations Payment Solutions

Professional associations represent the small businesses that Meridian believes are the engines that drives our national economy. They build relationships, develop new ideas, and create jobs in their communities. That’s why we’re committed to making it easier for the local businesses you represent to succeed.

Specialized Products

Specialized products include:

  • Gateway solutions that accepts credit cards, signature, and PIN debit cards and ACH through any internet connection
  • An online reporting system that gives you access to transaction data reports and the ability to respond online to chargebacks and retrievals from any web-enabled PC
  • Mobile solutions are the evolution of payment processing that delivers in-store solutions, mobile payments, and more

Our processing options range from point-of-sale credit card readers to internet, mobile and wireless credit card machine capabilities, as well as business-specific integrated solutions.

B2B/Government Payment Solutions

When your customers are other businesses or the government, you have unique needs that other business solutions just won’t work for. At Meridian, we have specialized and customizable products and services that are geared just for you.

Did you know that you could tap into some substantial savings when you accept corporate and government cards? Well, you can, but like with most things, there is often a catch. By providing the card brands with Level II & III data when you process a card, you can take advantage of those savings. The problem is that for most business owners, they simply don’t have the Level II & III data to provide. At Meridian, our gateway solutions can solve that issue and make it easier than ever to accept cards and take advantage of the available savings.

Some our most popular features:

  • Integrated Solutions – Enables you to have the best solutions working in tandem to give you an efficient and smooth operation
  • Mobile Apps – Taking payments on the go can really streamline your accounts receivable and allow you to process payments at the lowest cost available
  • Web Solutions – With so much business being done online, your business can reap the benefits of this ever growing business landscape
  • Electronic/Paperless Invoicing – Paper billing can be a costly and labor intensive process. Automating your invoicing not only saves the trees, but it helps cash flow into your business faster than ever. It lets your customer know that you are always thinking of ways to make their life easier.
  • Recurring Billing – Having customers that pay on a regular basis is awesome. Even more awesome is having a system that processes these payments for you. Whether they pay the same amount each time or if it’s different, recurring billing, when set up right, will be one of your best employees.
  • Level II and III Data Processing – Selling to other businesses and/or the government is a great business. However, often the cost of processing payments seems to be extreme. With Level II & III processing solution, you can save an enormous amount of money. However, with the right Level II & III processing solution, you can do this without having to figure out all the confusing requirements by the card associations.
  • QuickBooks® Plugins – Many companies find Quickbooks® to be great solution for their accounting purposes, but they don’t like the high processing fees with their integrated solution. You can now handle transactions affordably with a seamless integration.

To discover more about our Business to Business/Government solutions, click here.

Petroleum/Convenience Stores Payment Solutions

The petroleum/convenience store business is substantially different from other retail operations, requiring equipment, pricing, and payment processing solutions that meet their specific needs. Meridian offers options that deliver the products and services needed by this highly competitive industry.

Petroleum vs. Standard Retail Processing

A major advantage of using a specific petroleum/c-store processing program over a standard retail program is that it allows you to accept fleet cards. They represent a valuable market segment in which transaction amounts are generally higher than non-fleet card consumers. Fleet drivers also tend to purchase higher-margin products such as maintenance items, food and drinks, and gas on these cards.

Businesses that can accept fleet cards include service stations, service station/c-store combos, automated fuel dispensers, auto and truck dealers (sales, service, repairs and parts), auto tire stores, auto parts and accessories stores, auto service shops, and car washes. If your business falls into this category, our petroleum/c-store processing program may work well for you.

The Advantages

When you choose full-service processing, you get the following benefits:

  • Petro/c-store pricing
  • 24/7, live, U.S.-based merchant support
  • Next day funding where available
  • Data breach financial coverage and PCI compliance support
  • Pricing programs that can help you save money on processing
  • Point-of-sale, mobile, and pay-at-the-pump payment options from multiple vendors
  • Acceptance of Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover® and PayPal® at the point of sale
  • Expanded acceptance of fleet cards like Voyager® and Wright Express®