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What Makes Meridian Different

What Makes Meridian Different

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of payment processing companies out there. As a small business owner, you’re probably well aware of this, since you’ve likely heard pitches from many of them.

So why should you choose Meridian as your payment processing provider? Here’s why.

We’re run by former merchants. There are a lot of shady characters in the payment processing business who are looking to make a quick buck and move on to the next sale, with little regard for the customers they’ve already signed up. As former merchants ourselves, we know all about this bait-and-switch. That’s why we’re determined not to fall into that trap. We’re not seeking customers; we’re looking to build mutually beneficial relationships. We always have your needs and wants in our heads, because we know what you’re up against out there. We’ve been in your shoes. We know the pitfalls, and we avoid them.

We’re much more than payment processing. Sure, you need payment solutions, and we’ve got the best in the business. But we don’t stop there. We know that business intelligence is key in the digital age, and we give you access to a ton of it. That information can help you make better marketing, inventory and payroll decisions, among other things.

  • We can analyze your revenue, online reputation, market, and website health.
  • We can enable you to search card transactions for one or more of your business locations.
  • We enable you to monitor customer reviews from sites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable
  • Our key metrics calculator compares your revenues to your expenses such as wages, rent, and advertising.
  • Competitive intelligence!! We can compare your revenue and online reputation to similar businesses nearby.
  • You’ll receive email alerts when, for example, your customers rate your business online, or your revenues seem low compared to prior weeks or months.

That’s just some of the business intelligence we can provide you. It’ll transform your business — for the better!

We take a consultative approach. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all; that’s for cheap trucker hats. As we said earlier, we’re not trying to make a quick buck by forcing a solution on you that’s not quite right for your business. The most important thing for us is to LISTEN to you about your unique business, what types of technology you might need, what kind of business intelligence would benefit you. We really want to get to know your business intimately before we deploy anything. THEN we craft a solution made especially for YOUR business. Once that’s in place, you’ve got a line to us 24/7. We’ll be there for you. Always.

Like right now! Drop us a line and tell us about what YOUR business needs!

About Our Merchant-Driven Vision

About Our Merchant-Driven Vision

We know how it is, because we’ve been there. You’re running your business, doing your thing, and being interrupted by in-person visits or cold phone calls from service providers of all types. Everyone, it seems, wants a piece of your business. But lots of them don’t offer anything but a standardized sales pitch. What’s in it for you?

Meridian Merchant Services is not one of those providers. We believe in a consultative approach where we listen just as much, if not more, than we speak. We want to hear about your unique challenges as a business, all of your moving parts, and design a thoughtful, appropriate payment solution specifically tailored to your unique business.

Once we get you set up, our relationship doesn’t end there. As your business changes, your payment system requirements may change as well. And when they do, we want to hear about it and make the necessary enhancements to keep your business rolling. With Meridian, you’re not just another “quick sale” like you would be with many other providers. You’re part of our family.

Let us show you just how merchant-driven we are. Call us at 334.422.9333, email us at, or fill out the “Contact Us” form on this website. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say and craft a perfect payment solution for your business.